ESRIC start-up support programme

Phase 1 – preincubation


The In-Situ Resource Analyzer (ISRA) uses laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technique for prospecting of lunar regolith. Multi-elemental analyzer mounted on an autonomous rover enables an accelerated geological survey prior to mining and lunar settlement. We have developed our idea during preincubation within ESRIC Start-Up Support Programme.

Slavia CubeSat mission

SLAVIA (Space Laboratory for Advanced Variable Instruments and Applications) is a mission of two 12U CubeSats with three scientific payloads designed to fulfill a simple goal: to prove a concept of a low-cost satellite able to provide spectral analysis of NEO composition. Our company contributed to the development of the optical system of the VESNA payload, a hyperspectral camera for elemental analysis of meteor plasma.

Transfer learning

The development of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) reached the stars in terms of hardware; LIBS as a primary tool of SuperCam (Perseverance rover) landed on the planet Mars. On the contrary, the software development is hampered by the necessary ad hoc creation of data libraries for all LIBS systems with distinct analytical performances. This persists to be the main obstacle regardless of the LIBS application and it prevents further progress of data mining despite the boom of machine learning. Thus, the data libraries are the most valuable and irreplicable part of the LIBS system. Thus, we intend to establish the proof of concept for the transfer between distinct atmospheric conditions (e.g., Earth, Mars).

Coming soon

TROLL is planned to be launched within the mid 2024. After the successful in orbit demonstration TROLL will provide an opportunity(ies) for further demonstrations (for example in SW field) of third parties, academic institutions, students or startups. More about our contribution and the mission is coming soon…

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